Want To Watch BBC iPlayer, for FREE?



There are lots of sites on the internet that show you how you can pay to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you may well have seen some of them on Hubpages, Squidoo, GetTVabroad. However while they may all mention it is possible to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK for free they don't actually show you how.


It is true that in most cases you are better off subscribing to a service like Identity Cloaker, and configuring it using the guide at GetTVabroad, as the cost is less than 7 Euros a month and you get good support, reliability and the program is very easy to use!


However perhaps you just want to take a peak at what iPlayer has to offer, or you only need the service for a few days, or you don't have a credit card so can't pay for the services of Identity Cloaker.


Well fear not, on the next page we will show you, in great detail, how to watch BBC iPlayer anywhere outside the UK completely for free, not a single $, no credit card needed.


Full step by step instructions to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK using only free resources.


Where is the catch, there always is one! As we are not charging for this information all we ask is you complete 1 survey, which you can choose, before you get access to the guide. The surveys are all different, and many of them will give you free products.


You do not need to buy anything or submit any credit card details!


All you need do is take our survey to watch BBC iPlayer Abroad for FREE! This survey will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete, the information about watching BBC iPlayer outside the UK for free will be shown as soon as the survey is complete (you will also get a special discount offer).


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Just to show the site exists here is a screenshot!